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It is common to rely only on vibration measurement for condition monitoring of bearings and rotating equipment, and use Infrared cameras where temperature is an indicator of condition.

While PERMAWELD also uses Vibration and Thermal imaging, we also deploy Ultrasonic condition monitoring devices, which detect even incipient faults in bearings as well as inadequacy of lubrication in rotating equipment.

Vibration Measurement is generally not very suitable for very slow speed. Ultrasonic monitoring on the other hand is very effective for diagnosing working of slow-speed machines such as APH guide / support bearings. When PERMAWELD takes up a comprehensive CM assignment, we integrate the ultrasound technology with infrared and vibration inspections. Most break down failures and repairs are prevented with our predictive maintenance techniques which include ultrasonic technology. Our process results in a highly effective non-destructive, predictive maintenance program.

PERMAWELD has had a vertical focus of more than 10 years in maintenance services and solutions; using our proven method of condition monitoring. We have over 15000 man hours of INPLANT detection experience in a wide range of industries. This has resulted in creating new and improved maintenance practices with leading industries in India.

We help your plant progress from REACTIVE or BREAKDOWN MAINTENANCE to PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE and ultimately move towards PROACTIVE MAINTENANCE

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