Invite you to Join is in our - A WAR AGAINST CORROSION - A New Coating

Permaweld has for 28 years focused on CRITICAL MAINTENANCE SOLUTIONS. Our products are all sourced from overseas and our principals are "all R&D focused" manufacturers of specialized products. We now introduce NANO PAINT 605 - a very specifically developed MAINTENANCE COAT. Only ONE SINGLE COMPONENT - WATER BASED - HIGH SOLIDS - RUST CONVERTER PLUS PAINT NO SPECIAL EQUIPMENT - ORDINARY AIRLESS OR COMPRESSED AIR PAINT GUN OR BRUSH FOR HEAVY RUSTED AREAS NO need for base metal preparation - NO sand blasting - No need for PRIMER NANO COAT 605 - NANO particles penetrate and CONVERT RUST into a protective shield against spread of corrosion.

As a leading dealer in your area you are requested to participate. HOW DO YOU START?

  1. From your "EXISTING CUSTOMER LIST" identify at least 3 different applications where the customer is LOOKING FOR A BETTER SOLUTION than they currently use.
  2. SEND us the application and the MINIMUM AREA required for a TRIAL COATING.
  3. If the TRIAL is a success, there should be commercial commitment for orders and business in some multiple.
  4. WE will be choosing more than 25 application areas for a FREE TRIAL on approx 150 to 200 sq ft per application.
  5. PLEASE NOTE: we are wanting to overcome CORROSION due to moisture and water NOT necessarily only chemical corrosion.

We look forward to your response with specific application request from your EXISTING CUSTOMER where future potential is higher.

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