Omega Greases

Omega 22 : A High-Performance NLGI 2-Grade Grease
A High-Performance NLGI 2-Grade Grease Quality formulated with a synthetic base fluid and a special grade polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) constituent to ensure enhanced lubricity in punishing conditions.
Omega 26 : ThermaSyn FG Grease
ThermaSyn FG Grease. is a white and smooth food grade EP grease formulated with Perfluorinated Polyether (PFPE) base fluid and Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) thickener to be used in extreme-temperature conditions
Omega 28 : Super Fluoroether Grease
Super Fluoroether Grease. Specially engineered for hostile operating environments. Non-toxic and virtually indestructible. 100% resistant to oxidative degradation and most common solvents. Suitable even for oxygen fittings.
Omega 33 : Extreme Heat Resistant Grease
Extreme Heat Resistant Grease. Remains stable up to 315C (600F). For kiln, baking, steam, chemical, tooling and foundry high temperature applications. No ordinary grease will take the high heat that Omega 33 can.
Omega 51 : Super Electric Motor Grease.
Super Electric Motor Grease. Water resistant, especially suitable for heavy-duty applications.
Omega 57 : Super Bearing Grease.
Super Bearing Grease. Forms a wear-arresting film on rollers, balls and races which seal out dirt, dust, mud and water. Will not channel to outer bearings and has a minimum dropping point of 249C.
Omega 58 : Superior Food Machinery Grease
Superior Food Machinery Grease. For food processing and handling equipment. Withstands cold temperatures, steam and extreme heat. Melting point is in excess of 240C. Immune to mild and concentrated acidic conditions, water and detergents.
Omega 59 : Central Lub System Grease
Central Lub System Grease. Fortified with high viscosity index oil content. Operational temperatures in excess of ordinary lubricants, in-built reversibility characteristics guarantee uniform, pumpable consistency and thorough lubrication.
Omega 65 : Long-life Chain & Cable Grease
Long-life Chain & Cable Grease. Effectively penetrates and replenishes the core lubricant in chains, cables and wire rope. Remarkable tenacity prevents "fling off". Protects against saltwater corrosion, mud, water, dust and dirt. Easy to apply, no heating required.
Omega 66 : Heavy-Duty Low-Temp Grease
Heavy-Duty Low-Temp Grease. Maintains outstanding physical properties and performance capabilities down to -54C. Has excellent water resistance, good storage stability and is resistant to corrosion. Exceeds MIL-G-10924D specifications for combat vehicles in Arctic conditions.
Omega 71 : Universal Non-Melt Grease
Universal Non-Melt Grease. Suitable for practically every greasing operation with all types of equipment. Retains its lubricity and continues lubricating even under high heat conditions. Excellent metal adhesion even on moving parts. Color coded to prevent misapplication.
Omega 73 : Waterproof Open Gear Grease
Waterproof Open Gear Grease For heavy-duty service. Provides super wear resistance, absorbs shock loads, protects against rust and corrosion. Easy to apply without heating; stays in place longer in hot or cold temperatures.
Omega 78 : Food Grade Anti-Corrosion Grease
Food Grade Anti-Corrosion Grease The revolutionary & genuine multipurpose grease that satisfies most major industries and abundant innovative applications. It is formulated to offer exceptional mechanical stability, high dropping point, high load carrying capacity, reduced wear..
Omega 85 : Shear Sensation Plus  All-Purpose Grease.
Shear Sensation Plus All-Purpose Grease. Has unmatched shear strength and in-built temperature stability. Stays exactly without squeeze out, thinning or deforming. Matches every seal type. NLGI #2 and #0.
Omega 95 : Super Corrosion-Control Grease.
Super Corrosion-Control Grease. Engineered to provide the highest possible lubricating and protection qualities ever, for highly corrosive saltwater and water wash environments. Specially recommended for offshore, port or ship engineering works.
Omega 99 : Seize-Stop  Grease.
Seize-Stop Grease. Acts as a thread lubricant and sealant, guards against acid action, metal seizing and galling, galvanic action, heat and rust action. Stable from -130C to 1093C.
Omega 35 : Hi-Temp MSL Grease.
Hi-Temp MSL Grease. Provides extreme high-temperature lubrication in excess of 700C (1292F) and heralds a new age of lubrication technology. Suited for "impossible" applications, such as oven cars, kiln cars, ovens, foundries and steel mills.
Omega 64 : Pin, Bushing and Track Roller Grease
Pin, Bushing and Track Roller Grease. Does not drip, ball or clog and controls wear even at slow speeds.
Omega 77 : EP Bearing & Chassis Grease
EP Bearing & Chassis Grease For heavy-duty chassis points in both friction and anti-friction bearings. Withstands extreme shock loadings. Forms its own seal against water and outside temperatures and contaminants. Has high resistance to pounding out. Excellent cohesive and EP properties.
Omega 99fg : OMEGA 99 FG Food Grade Seize-Stop.
OMEGA 99 FG Food Grade Seize-Stop. is a multi-purpose, white, smooth, and non-toxic, food grade anti-seize & assembly paste that can be also used for lubricating bushes, slides and small open gears operating in the food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries and clean environments.
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