compresed air leak audit and survey


Stop leaking your profits from - silent air losses you cannot hear or see.

To accurately detect and pin point the exact minute spot where air leakages are occurring or recurring is a critical challenge within large plants having complex distribution lines of an air system.

All compressed air systems and lines regularly develop leaks in the air network. Only regular identification allows for early detection and a continuous upgrade with corrections to not only reduce energy costs, but improve the efficiency of the production process, enhance output of air tools and extend the productive life cycle of critical equipment. Our experience of over 30000 hours of in plant checking have revealed that where there is poor regular monitoring for air leaks - there is the unnecessary over usage and often addition of compressor capacity. Air Leaks are Silent losses that erode profit.

Air losses of 25 to 30% have been commonly noted in FIRST surveys. Improvements in installation with timely maintenance of leak spots identified by our audits - have reduced these to less than 5% of the total capacity of the compressor by the end of second or within the third year.

Most Air leaks are difficult to see or hear in noisy industrial environment. To detect such leaks requires not just "any" ultrasonic leak detector BUT ONE THAT IS SUPER SENSITIVE to recognize the high frequency ultra sound signal generated by minute air leaks even when they lie at some distance. This ultrasound is converted into audible sound which can be heard on a high quality headset and observed on a very sensitive analog meter. The sound and deflection enables identification of the exact spot & also to distinguish the type and extent of leak.

PERMAWELD PVT LTD offers Compressed air Leak detection survey using the super sensitive CTRL UL101 ultrasound diagnostic tool which helps in minimizing the compressed air leak losses when used by our experienced engineers who undertake the compressed air leak audit. WE have special comprehensive packages that can be customized to be very affordable to even Small/Medium Industry besides industry specific segment packages for most process industries, Large refineries, paper, power , automobile, pharma plants etc.

PERMAWELD has executed customized air leak audits over many years, having accumulated more than 30000 man-hours of INPLANT checking time in varied industry segments.