Why are "MAGNA" welding alloy different ?

It is very important to explain the concept which led to the development of maintenance engineered MAGNA welding alloys.

SO FAR and for most maintenance engineers there is rarely a difference between "production welding alloys and maintenance welding alloys". The technical logic is to use base metal analysis as the basis for choosing welding rods and this is technically correct for production. HOWEVER reality is experienced when any component that has been subjected to IMPACT, HEAT, SHOCK, VIBRATION, and MANY YEARS OF SERVICE. Finally any WORN part may also be rusted and OIL soaked. WHEN THIS NEEDS TO BE WELDED , then a simple BASE METAL matching alloy WILL NOT WORK!! A SPECIALLY ENGINEERED WELDING ELECTRODE is required which will OVERCOME the problems associated with this kind of salvage. MAGNA welding alloys have specifications far beyond the standard and when used for salvage, you can be sure of a reliability that makes the weld repair a PERMANENT SOLUTION!


PERMAWELD has TWO decades of experience in: salvage of critical and difficult to weld components, joining different and unknown base metals and welding unknown

MAGNA Concept

There are several hundred companies around the world that manufacture or market welding electrode for the production welding market. Many of these same companies sell their product also for maintenance whenever they can consider them as dual - purpose welding electrode for both product and maintenance.

However, since the market for production welding electrode is so much larger than the maintenance market, their products are really production oriented.

The concept of Magna is totally different from that of this production welding electrode specialist. So far is know, Magna is the only company, on an international basis, that produces welding alloys and electrodes exclusively for maintenance. Prior to the development of the Magna Maintenance Welding Process, maintenance welding was little used and really attempted. It was a highly isolated event for an industry to even attempt to weld a broken part.

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MAGNA that make maintenance

  • Faster
  • safer
  • More Reliable

Substantially with MAGNA Product

  • Lower Costs
  • Reduce Downtime
  • Cut Wastage

Magna Welding Product Ensure

  • Easy Application
  • Wide Versatility
  • Out Standing physical property

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