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PERMAWELD has 31 years of focused experience in Maintenance, which started in 1988 with Lubrication and Weld repair services based on specialized product solutions from our overseas principals. With the continuing objective of "Making Maintenance a Profit Centre" we have increased our commitment over the last decade to using diagnostic tools to identify "loss areas" in plants so that our product solutions are always paid for from savings we help create Read - THE PERMAWELD ADVANTAGE)

Existing customers call on Permaweld when they want to challenge old or existing norms with regard to maintenance intervals (in lubrication or frequent weld failures) AND those wanting to upgrade from currently acceptable failure rates (Bearings and Steam Traps)

For all customers we follow a process which starts with "identification of loss areas starting with leak detection in compressed air lines, gas lines, hydraulic valves, and Steam traps. Condition monitoring of Rotating equipment is also conducted. These audits are undertaken using tools such as Ultrasound - but with the "highest sensitivity and accuracy" from M/S CTRL Inc USA. Vibration Analyzers and Thermal Cameras help endorse our findings with images and values. Steam Trap audit is conducted as per ISO norms with the unique tool developed by M/S TLV Japan who are globally renown as Steam Specialists. The various audits and their sample reports are described below, and the effort is to "quantify loss" so that any solution can be implemented based on the logic of ROI. We have over 65000 hours of in plant detection experience and our engineers visit a wide range of industry, including refineries, power stations, steel plants, paper and pulp, Auto plants, Tobacco, Chemical and Pharma, Food processing and many others who use air, steam resources or have a continuous manufacturing process.

Contact PERMAWELD and allow us to conduct a preliminary audit. We offer these services to all industry and even SME irrespective of size of plant.

START SAVING NOW & use your existing hidden losses to fund an upgrade to the highest quality solutions from overseas principals who are leading research based manufacturers.