engineering weld services

Engineering weld Services

PERMAWELD has been pioneering the concept of making ?MAINTENANCE A PROFIT CENTRE? since a decade by providing TOTAL MAINTENANCE SOLUTIONS. PERMAWELD now offers ?SPECIALIZED MAINTENANCE WELDING SERVICES? and CONSULTANCY with its team of skillful and trained welders.

RELIABLE & ECONOMICAL ONSITE reclamation of critical components and machinery using SPECIALISED WELDING ALLOYS.

Problems observed in Maintenance Welding.
  1. It is presumed that the welding electrodes material and base material should be same.
  2. Prone to contamination from sources like S, Ph & C in electrodes when fused with base material. These contaminations create porosity and cracks in the base material.
  3. Phosphorous in electrode causes brittle in low arc temperature.
  4. The weld deposits are susceptible for oxygen contamination and oxygen reducesnimpact toughness and tensile strength.
  5. Standard electrodes should be pre heated as it absorbs moisture from atmosphere.
  6. Shelf life of electrode coating is very less and peels of during storage and during using.
  7. This peeling will result in losing the property of weld material very fast.
  8. As the maintenance work involves different structures like Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Gear Teeth, damaged Chassis etc., it is necessary to stock different electrodes.

  1. As the material is stressed/strained, the base material will be weak, hence weld material should be of higher strength, which MAGNA provides.
  2. MAGNA electrodes are manufactured with noble / semi noble metals like Ni, Mo, Cr, Si, Mn & these alloys change character of arc and hence no evaporation occurs.
  3. C, Ph or S will not disintegrate due to above, hence no brittleness found.
  4. Coating on MAGNA electrode deoxidize the weld metal completely by shielding and remove Oxygen, avoids failure due to oxidation.
  5. This shield avoids the absorption of Nitrogen from atmosphere to prevent weld failure.
  6. The MAGNA coatings are specially designed as pore resistant which have an ability to absorb foreign material, dirt grease etc & avoids failures due to porosity.
  7. The MAGNA electrodes provide a slag layer around weld deposit & retard the cooling rate.
  8. The MAGNA coating are baked heavily & super dried not to absorb moisture from atmosphere.
  9. MAGNA coatings are being super granule structured, does not require preheating.