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Weld Repair & Salvage

PERMAWELD has pioneered the concept of making MAINTENANCE A PROFIT CENTRE for more than 25 years and provides TOTAL MAINTENANCE SOLUTIONS. One of the first service offered by PERMAWELD since 1988 is SPECIALIZED MAINTENANCE WELDING SERVICES for difficult to weld areas and complex salvage. RELIABLE & ECONOMICAL ONSITE reclamation of critical components and machinery using SPECIALISED WELDING ALLOYS is offered with our team of skillful, qualified and trained welders.

We use specially engineered alloys formulated only for maintenance for reliable salvage of critical components. Our SPECIALISED WELDING SERVICES are used by most profit conscious industries since the last decade for Reliable and Risk-free welding Reclamation of components of heavy machinery used in mining, construction and plant production machinery.

The REAL BENEFIT of these ALLOYS and our SUCCESS is the ability to minimize DOWNTIME with QUICK & PERMANENT weld repair and faster re-commissioning of MINING & CONSTRUCTION equipment, Drag lines, Shovels, Dozers, Excavators, Wheel loaders, Dumpers etc.. These machines are generally OVERLOADED and often used beyond their designed capabilities in adverse operating conditions. DOWNTIME losses are huge and PRODUCTIVITY comes to a STANDSTILL when machines BREAKDOWN. This happens despite technological advancements and new developments because there is always pressure for greater productivity.

Call PERMAWELD when you seek reliable weld repair and extended life of the repaired components

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