Uncover Hidden Problems with Thermography

Many are aware of the importance of infrared Thermography in a predictive maintenance program, when Thermography performed properly, increases uptime, reliability and productivity, ultimately impacting the thing most managers want in today's competitive world to lower and stabilized maintenance costs. However, there may not be an understanding or awareness of the benefits and impact of infrared thermography.

Infrared thermography is an ideal technology to investigate thermal anomalies on machines and Electrical systems because it offers complete thermal images of a machine or a component with no physical attachments (non-intrusive) and provides the results in a very short period of time.

This infrared thermography technique is used throughout most industries. It is very effective in identifying hot spots in electrical equipment, undesirable hot electrical connections, furnace, Kilns, ovens insulation failures and fluid leaks from pressure vessels, pipes and valves.

PERMAWELD PVT LTD offers "Infrared Thermography" based on our expertise and certified Engineer's with using Thermal Imager help you in assessing and predicting the failures in advance.

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