Identify and stop steam loss

About Us

PERMAWELD PVT LTD has been vertically focused since 1988 on providing in plant maintenance solutions for critical areas in most Industry segments. The Permaweld process has been oversimplified in the above graphic flow. It ideally starts with a specialized “maintenance survey” which has been developed and evolved over more than 65000 hours of in-plant audit service experience in Industry. This audit is intended to not only identify loss areas but to quantify these as energy losses through leak detection of process resources like air, steam, gases. Additionally Condition Monitoring of rotating equipment provides predictive results that prevent potential breakdowns

Where applicable our product solutions are based on exclusive support, from our overseas principals who manufacture specifically engineered products based on research. These products are specifically suited for application where performance needs to be assured in the toughest operating environment or where productivity and maintenance/replacement intervals now need to exceed existing standards and past norms. Permaweld offers more than 31 years of experience.


The areas we cover are:

1.Lubrication consultancy for critical equipment such as HT motors, high load, high temp & critical bearings, gear boxes etc. This is supported with regular condition monitoring and predictive maintenance services to insure extension in the productive life of machine or component.

2. Specialized Weld Services for maintenance repair where salvage need no longer be seen as a temporary solution. We have executed salvage repairs of Dies and Tools, Cast Steel & Cast iron Housings, Cylinder heads, and structural parts of heavy mining and construction machinery. Many repairs undertaken have been considered complex and difficult to weld by experts, especially when redeployment demands that the repair result in long term heavy duty service.

3. We strive to create huge savings in diverse segments of Industry wherever STEAM is used in industrial processing based on the technology and support of our principals M/S TLV Japan who are best described as Steam Specialists who have gained Global Credibility over more than 70 years of manufacture of pioneering patented products.

4. All PERMAWELD products are solutions that are recommended only after we identify the “loss areas”

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