Our Technology Principals Provide Highest Quality Solutions

We offer SERVICES which help identify "loss areas" in a wide range of industry with the intent to help quantify them based on existing costs and process norms. We then offer "products" only if they are the preferred solution, with their costs being funded from the savings we help identify. This is the unique Permaweld solution process.

The Products we offer are manufactured by our overseas principals who are vertically specialized and make research based products that perform far above the standards developed for products that are usually supplied as OE. Our principals' products are perhaps the "highest quality maintenance engineered products". What is benefit of this difference?

Our overseas principals (mentioned below) are unique in their vertical specialty. We represent our principals as their "Exclusive distributor" in "Assigned Territories" for their specialty products:

While the pressure to lower capital costs is natural, Industry buyers face a dilemma with regard to consumables and components, and most fail to distinguish between Price VS Cost. We believe that there has to be different norms for buying OE products and Maintenance products when the there is need for higher productivity or the operating environment is severe.

Where does Permaweld fit in?

Permaweld should be called in when Industry wants to challenge old or existing norms with regard to maintenance intervals (in lubrication or frequent weld failures) AND for those wanting to upgrade from their currently acceptable but high failure rates (for Bearings and Steam Traps and other critical areas)