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CTRL UL101 hand held device is a versatile instrument whose applications are limited only by the imagination of the maintenance user. Diagnosis with ULTRASOUND is perhaps the most sophisticated technology on the market today on account of the highly sensitive sensor. Based on benefits and versatility the CTRL instrument is very economical and easy to use.

PERMAWELD has more than a DECADE of experience in real plant time and varied applications of the CTRL Ultrasound technology. We offer to supply the tool, train customer engineers and develop a maintenance schedule customised to the plant. ALTERNATELY we also offer to start on ASSIGNMENT BASED SERVICES and provide regular visits for leak detection and "Predictive Maintenance - condition monitoring services".

Our services are offered to companies that purchase the CTRL kit and also those who sign up for ANNUAL service contracts. We customize the product usage charts for specific applications and customer environment.

What is Ultrasound ? Click here

ULTRASOUND is noise which is NOT AUDIBLE to the human ear ( normal range of human hearing is 20Hz to 20,000 Hz). Ultrasound waves are emitted at 40,000 Hz. In usage the instrument IGNORES ALL OTHER AMBIENT SOUND in the plant giving maintenance staff a "sixth sense". This sixth sense saves huge costs by "predicting through early warning diagnosis of potential failure and losses that remain "hidden" draining profits. Ultrasound is emitted in many areas within process plant and machinery wherever there is "friction, high and low speed vibration, impact, electrical arcing, corona discharge, locating and pin pointing LEAKS". This will indicate the condition of internal parts by listening to NON ACOUSTICAL sounds such as vibration through housings wherein lie bearings and gears, internal leaks, vacuum leaks, hydraulic valve passing, and condition of mechanical components.

The following list include just some of the specific applications that you may consider when using the UL 101 for facility maintenance.

UL 101 For Mechanical Systems

When components and equipment START to fail they emanate Ultrasound very early and this remains UNHEARD to the human ear till the damage is severe and usually irreversible. The traditional usage of stethoscope or screw driver held tight to component and ear is helpful but it is technically late to save costs. Audible noises radiate throughout the structure and generally sound the same no matter where they are heard.

The UL 101 ultrasound receiver TRACES the very early noise to the SOURCE. For example a "single bearing" can be monitored for scratches on the race by touching the solid probe of the UL 101 to the bearing housing. The condition can be traced even if it is located in close proximity to other moving parts or ambient noise. Thus Bearings, gears, and all moving parts can be monitored for alignment and proper lubrication.

UL 101 For HVAC testing, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

ANY leak to atmosphere creates an obvious "rushing sound" and can be traced to pin point accuracy to identify the nature of the sound and action prioritised and taken accordingly. ALL joints OUTWARDS from the compressor should be checked regularly to save on energy and gas loss. The filter/dryer can be tested using the UL101 and the Ultrasound transmitter UT2000 saving time and energy in place of pressure testing. This is done by opening the housing and removing the filter cores. Then insert the UT 2000 transmitter ( that is switched on to start emanating ultrasound) into the housing, close and bolt it down. Using the UL 101 on ALL BRAZED joints and shell casing to search for the loudest transmitter noise. The intensity of the noise increases when a leak is present. They can be repaired and tested again in this non invasive and convenient way!

UL 101 for compressed Gas, Freon, Air, and Natural gas plumbing

Many structures and buildings have compressed air, oxygen and natural gas lines often with secondary systems. The UL 101 will find leaks in such lines WITHOUT closing down the system or inconveniencing the tenants. Pressure leaks to atmosphere can be easily detected 15 to 20 feet away! It will also identify "minute" leaks that soap suds will NOT detect and if used in conjunction then crackling or snapping sound will be created when minute soap bubbles break. This is useful when air movement or gas saturation makes a "sniffer" ineffective. Air conditioning refrigerant leaks as small as ½ ounce per year can be located with UL 101.

THE UL 101 saves huge unplanned costs, enhances safety and maintenance standards of your plant and machinery!! Call us to show you how easy it is to use !


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