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Permaweld has more than 65000 man hours of INPLANT experience conducting audit for detection of Compressed Air & Nitrogen gas leaks including PSV survey, Thermal insulation in for core industries & major oil refineries across India. Additionally Condition Monitoring Service for rotating equipment is offered to almost 100 establishments across India covering a wide range of industrial segments.

We Maintain Assets with Quality & Integrity

We offer SERVICES which help identify "loss areas" in a wide range of industry with the intent to help quantify them based on existing costs and process norms.We then offer "products" only if they are the preferred solution, with their costs being funded from the savings we help identify. This is the unique Permaweld solution process.
OUR OBJECTIVE IS TO MAXIMIZE THE MAINTENANCE INTERVAL and CHANGE CURRENT INDUSTRY NORMS by maximizing life of component, productive assets and machinery Read more

Corrosion Proof paint