Omega 101 : The Liquid Cork Radiator Sealant
The Liquid Cork Radiator Sealant. Designed for permanent sealing of all recirculated water cooling systems. Assists the operation by lubricating water pumps with a special anti-friction additive. Suppresses rust formation.
Omega 902 : Tire Mounting Lubricant
Tire Mounting Lubricant. Engineered specially for trucks and heavy equipment. Will not damage rubber. Its polymer system provides good rim fit and rust protection for the tire and tire rim. Saves time and labor when changing tires. No mixing or dilution required -- just brush or spray on.
Omega 903 : Super Diesel Additive
Super Diesel Additive. Extends injector life, improves combustion and cuts down exhaust smoke. Self-dispenses in fuel tanks or bulk storage. (New, Biocide-enhanced formulation).
Omega 909 : Super Engine Oil Additi
Super Engine Oil Additi. Gives engine oil greater lubricity to provide effective lubrication from the first revolution. Improves compression, controls oil consumption and prevents excessive wear. New flip-top can packaging now available.